The 15-25 cm is supposed to start Jan 15th, today, at 7pm. We will post here any cancellations for tomorrow. Scott Walsh's Program starts at 5pm and again 6pm Mon/Wed/Friday.

The journey begins here this January.

It’s not an unusual story.

Young woman in her late twenties starts to gain weight steadily each month.  She joins a chain fitness club and after 2 months gives up but keeps paying the fee as per her contract.  She can only afford the junk food and pop as her rent is due in the big city and her salary barely covers that plus the fitness membership.

She’s lost.

And, that’s when real change begins to happen.  Change of city and change of attitude – she begins to learn about her health.  She becomes self aware through coaching and journaling.  What does she want? What is her relationship with food?  With stress?  What is her footprint on the world?

That’s where I was years ago.  And now, here I am, with a fitness studio to spark the change needed for clients to lose fat tissue and have real change in their lives with CPCC coaching.

Join us this winter and check out our programs’ schedule below or call the studio at 902 407 7502.

We do personal training for everyone (ask about our one day pass) and have three group fitness classes you can join in on – the Beachbody Fit Club is the only one free of charge.



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