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The client perspective.

I hear a lot of what I would call “noise” about the types of certification for personal trainers and group fitness instructors.

Words used such as “weekend trainers,” “not real trainers,” “do they *know” what they are doing?,” “they’re ruining the fitness industry standards…”

And, so on.


So let me share my perspective.  As a plus sized group fitness instructor in Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home Program and recently, as a Nordic Pole Walking Instructor.

I found fitness activities I could do without damaging my body on my way to my own health improvement.

And, it inspired me.

I’m not alone.  At IDEAFIT’s conference in Los Angeles and CanFitPro’s Toronto conference I found people like me.  Holding up the standards of their certifications.  Proudly.  Enjoying their ability to take their fitness into their own hands and share it with others.  With education.  With ethics.  With understanding.

I’m not bashing someone’s education for a Kinesiology Degree or Dietitian Degree.

I am asking for understanding as those who can’t afford it (or who can’t do those certifications) find other ways to make their fitness happen with the tools they have available to them.

Don’t shut the door on us.  We are your clients.  We are your neighbours.  We are your friends.

And.  We workout.  We help others.  We serve our clients because we’ve been there.  We may not be top athletes but we are in the industry.

We welcome everyone’s certification as it is a tool to a greater good – health.

Happy Holidays to all who are out there DOING it.

Start 2016 with us!(1)

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