The 15-25 cm is supposed to start Jan 15th, today, at 7pm. We will post here any cancellations for tomorrow. Scott Walsh's Program starts at 5pm and again 6pm Mon/Wed/Friday.

Classes are filling up! Please call 902 407 7502 to book your spot.

Bootie Camp Yoga is full and so is TRX. Let us know if you want to be on the waiting list by calling 902 407 7502 or emailing

We are now putting together a list for Monday’s class Functional Fitness at 10:30am and another list for Wednesday’s 10:30am class. We have a class limit of 12 for every class unless otherwise posted. If you’re not signed up we cannot guarantee you a spot in Victoria’s class.

Please email or call 902 407 7502 if you want to be on the list and let us know for which day. Thanks for your patience.

Everyone who wants to attend will be asked to fill out a ParQ+ form the day of the class and Waiver.  Anyone with a serious medical condition that is currently affecting their movement needs a doctor’s note and should discuss the class with our fitness club before joining in.  MacDonald & Woods PT Rehab Clinic is open and accepting clients for such conditions.




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