The 15-25 cm is supposed to start Jan 15th, today, at 7pm. We will post here any cancellations for tomorrow. Scott Walsh's Program starts at 5pm and again 6pm Mon/Wed/Friday.

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While it’s raining today here are some tips from PT Mike Manderville on prepping for the summer!  Also, we are only holding Nordic Pole sessions Tuesday May 31st at 10am-11am at our studio this week.  We are on training Thursday-Monday before the Sole Sisters Womens’ 5KM Race/Walk week.



A Few Things to Consider with Summer and BBQ Season Approaching




The nice weather coming is a great incentive to get out and explore the city, town, or hiking trails around you. Walking, hiking, or biking are also great ways to stay healthy in the summer months. Get outside as much as you can and don’t forget the sunscreen!


Stay hydrated


Your body functions at optimal levels if it is properly hydrated. Make sure to drink water throughout the day, don’t wait until you “feel” thirsty. If your body is telling you to drink water you’re already a little dehydrated. Stay ahead of the game and drink up!


Limit alcohol


Everyone is excited for patio and BBQ season to have arrived and with that comes the patio beers. Try to be conscious of how much alcohol you’re consuming and if you may be better off having a cold glass of water or lemonade. If your goal is to lose weight alcohol isn’t helping!


Easy on the sauce


BBQ season! When having a BBQ try not to smother and suffocate your food in sauce, it’s easy to go overboard and those sauces aren’t only giving you taste but also tons of calories if you’re not careful.


Bonus Tip*


If you’re planning to exercise outside in the sun and warm weather make sure to hydrate in advance, drink water during, and replenish afterwards!


Mike Manderville, PT

Twitter: MandervilleFit

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