Tara MacDonald Fit Club in Halifax, NS

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Group Fitness

Thanks to Pat Hipgrave (Yoga), Amanda Swales (Zumba/Cardio Kickboxing), Ian MacDonald (Nordic Pole Walking) and Nate Janine-Williams (Learn to Run 6 Weeks) for their support.
Our new schedule is up!!
In order to better serve our members and drop in clients we are now requiring all individuals to fill out the ParQ+ (see above link) for fitness.
If you are pregnant please fill out the Pregnancy ParQ.
This must be done before you can take a group fitness class with us.  Thank you for helping us meet our requirements for insurance.
The price is $11.50 drop in fee payable cash, debit or credit and $49.95 for a month pass payable cash, debit or credit.  Some classes do not accept drop ins.
Download forms here:


Children’s PAR-Q

Physician Clearance Activity Readiness